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DalCom has decided to allow companies to utilize DalCom technology, instead of having to invent their own. The DalCom Matrix is a service where DalCom partitions its own cutting edge system to be used by its members. With the DalCom Matrix, a provider can enjoy a quick, low cost service, as well as the security of an established and high efficient VoIP network. Any provider can utilize as much or as little of any necessary part of the network. With the DalCom Matrix, you can start in any level and grow as you need.

The DalCom Matrix eliminates the need of a massive investment in equipment, months of testing and configuration, big monthly recurring expenses for IP and other providers, a team of onboard expert technicians and all the risk of a start up system. It also eliminates need for a full time staff to support the daily technical operation.

DalCom is offering their own technical services as a one stop shop for any company looking to get into the telecommunications business, or simply to use this service. Any company or individual interested in these services can pay an initial cost and monthly fees, and have the most state of the art technology at their fingertips.

DalCom offers the servers, technical staff and software to successfully offer a variety of telecommunications services, in VoIP arena. DalCom allows other entities to tap into our resources without having to spend countless hours and dollars of their own. By partitioning DalCom services. This gives providers the chance to inexpensively and efficiently move forward with their marketing goals. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

DalCom Matrix is specifically offering the following services to companies/individuals:

SIP Registration
Domestic Termination

SIP Trunking
Domestic Origination (DID)

International Origination (DID)

Web Portal (for End-User)

Web Portal (for Reseller)
Internet Faxing

International Termination